Would you like to have an experienced second shooter next to you on wedding day to help guide you through the full day? The day before the wedding we'll create an action plan for you to consider. On wedding day I'll walk you through how to work the composition, how to key in on decisive moments and also plan your reception lighting. After the wedding we'll go through all of your images one by one and discuss your approach and the images you made. 

what are your mentoring options?


This is for the photographer who would like a personal workshop in addition to getting a behind the curtain look at my business systems. You'll be welcomed to Dallas and work with me for two days. The first day, you'll focus on shooting techniques, composition, lighting and moments. On day two we'll do your portfolio review and close with showing my business systems.  

ONE-ON-ONE - $1000

Perfect for the photographer who wants to learn from the comfort of their own space. As photographers we all need to have our work critiqued often. It's a positive way to improve your work and style. Session will be personalized for you. You can discuss the unique challenges you're facing and we'll create a game plan for you.


Ideal for the photographer who's ready to make improvements and start attracting clients who values the work they create. Session lasts one full hour critiquing a full wedding, blogs, or sampling of images. After the session you'll have tools to use at your next session or wedding. 

ONLINE Image Review - $150

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